Do you have doubts? We hear you.

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia Foundation.
A life looking for answers

The origin. An excellent doctor legacy

My illusion since I was little was to follow my father´s death and dedicate myself to helping people improve their quality of life, using the best tools that medicine disposes of at each moment. My father was a great doctor. I decided in my childhood that I will do whatever is necessary to continue his work.

Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia, my father, has many values. One of those was his “clinical eye”. When the patient stepped through the lintel of his office door, he was already able to guess a diagnosis. The truth is that he almost always was right, such observation powers he had. Another professional characteristic was openness. When he knew of any diagnostic or therapeutic technique that could serve his patients, we went anywhere he could learn it. He studied deeply and then decided whether it was useful or not.  He was a pioneer in innovative treatments.

As a doctor, he was a specialist in 5 fields. He is devoted in body and soul to Rheumatology. He was one of the most recognised specialists in Spain in this field and, of course. The most famous of Aragon. He received patients from all over Spain due to his good results and innovative practice. He was the first to own equipment like the “Radar”, laser, or applying mesotherapy in Spain.

But what patients most valued above his professionalism was his proximity, great affection to each patient, and his dedication and fights in the most complicated diseases. He was the lost cases doctor. If he couldn’t save the patient, others rarely did so.

“Over professionality, there was affection and dedication to patients”

That open mind and curiosity were contagious. It led me to start at the same time as him. I was taking my first year in medicine. I was studying Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, homeopathy, laser therapy, etc.

My father just gave me the scientific basis and the essential acknowledgment that was completing my medicine career. I had the opportunity of working with him since my third university career. It allowed me to acquire a practical level that not many companions could achieve at that moment.

But also, working with him at his consultation is proportional to the money that I invested first in my studies. One year later, I could graduate in Medicine at Zaragoza, opening what is today Biosalud Day Hospital, the first Day hospital specializing in Lyme disease with a complete integrative focus.

“The concern of acquiring the most advanced techniques has brought us closer to patients in more than 60 countries”

This center meets the advantages of conventional medicine with biological medicine and offers our patients the most advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment. This concern and effort gave us a great international prestige that brings us to patients of more than 60 countries.

“Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia marked a path for us: searching solutions to complicated pathologies and that Medicine doesn’t offer answers”.

My father´s figure, his lessons, his support, and his high human level were so vital for me that together with my wife and sons Alejandro and Guillermo, have decided to be the reason for Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia SOS Lyme Foundation. We want to recognise his labor and follow the path that he marked us: to search for solutions to severe pathologies and medicine has many questions in diagnosis and therapist media.

The star of our trajectory as a Foundation will be focused on the fight against Lyme disease. As a professional, I’m in the first battle line in the diagnosis and treatment of such illness. We know in first hand what the sick of Lyme suffers, the years that pass until getting a diagnosis, the ignorance of people de Lyme, ignorance of the medical professionals regarding this pathology due to the lack of official information, and of course, the oblivion of health and governmental institutions at nationally and internationally.

Once you diagnose a patient, the treatment is complex, expensive, and many times inefficient because of the wrong strategy. We see each day how Lyme destroys entire families and can ruin the personal and professional life of the patient suffering it. We have the moral obligation to do all it’s in our hands to change this situation through this Foundation.

We are very conscious that we face a difficult task, many disbelieved people, patient associations guided by personal interests, or third parties. It is reducing the possibilities of cure to sick peoples making them believe that because they haven’t been cured, they either. Healing requires sacrifice, constancy, a hard investment in health that not all can confront. Luck is decisive too.

The purpose. Knowing one of the most complex diseases

My strong linkage with Lyme disease started 10 years ago. A person from Donostia made an appointment at my clinic, submitted by a German center specialized in Lyme. They recommended fulfilling the antibiotic treatment protocol prescribed with ozone therapy, homeopathy, and any other anti-infective technique and stimulating the immune system. We were one of the few specialised centers in biological medicine with extensive experience in these techniques. At that epoche, Biosalud occupied a surface of 140 m2 including a waiting room, reception, 2 offices, and 4 treatment rooms.

I have to confess that when my secretary commented previously on the reason for consultation of this patient, Lyme disease was familiar to me. In any case, I could imagine the situation of these sick or the continuous suffering of their families and friends. I found a patient very documented in Lyme (he spoke perfect English and that facilitated the information access first-hand). He got bitten by a tick when he was working in México at the construction of a factory (he was a great engineer). After the bite, he started having headaches that couldn´t be calmed with anything, strange skin sensations, haze with memory, concentration problems, and extreme fatigue. His personal and professional life stopped completely. Moreover, with time he ended up without work and a wife.

“In 2011 I accepted the challenge to convert in an authentic Lyme expert”

He told me all he went through. He went from doctor to doctor but searching and searching on the internet he documented the disease. His fighting capacity and decision of getting cured saved him. After getting documented nearly professional (of course, at that moment he didn’t know more about Lyme), he contacted a clinic in Augsburg that was 15 years working for patients with Lyme. They made the necessary tests to diagnose Chronic Lyme. Today it is called Multi-System Multi-infection Syndrome. After two weeks of treatment with intravenous shock with antibiotics daily apart from other immunity activation techniques, they prescribed him 3 oral antibiotic treatments and several draining, probiotics, natural anti-inflammatories, and enzymes. They also advise him to return to Spain and attend a specialised center in ozone therapy, orthomolecular, and homeopathic serum therapy to ensure the best result. He did.

That day, 19 May 2011, I accepted the challenge to become an expert in Lyme. I compromised with the patient so that in a few weeks, I could know all he does. I collected all the available documentation. I bought books that were difficult to achieve at that time. The majority were in English, some in French and German.

Two weeks later, I had a review with a patient with multiple sclerosis. We did a lot of tests looking for the origin and activating factors of the process. I found everything, heavy metals, nutrient deficiencies, immune hyper-reactivity, chronically activated viruses. I treated all of these, removing the heavy metals, deactivating the viral infections, restoring the levels of deficient nutrients, and regulating the immune system. The patient improved, but not enough. When I had her in front of me, someone asked me, maybe Lyme? Without thinking about it, I answered: “There is a disease that we haven’t ruled out that could be the source of your MS,”. I told him about the case of the recent Lyme disease patients.

“In Germany in 2011, they already talked about Lyme like if it was an epidemic disease”.

I contacted the German laboratory that referred me to the Lyme patient. I explained to them the case. They recommended what to do and invited me to their center: “Come to our day hospital and we will show you all we do”. They were overworked and looked for a doctor that could derive the Spanish patients. At that moment, they thought that “Lyme started to be an epidemic disease”.

I sent the patient’s blood sample with the tests and proved that it was Chronic Lyme. She had Borrelia and several coinfections.  In total, 17 infections were eliminated.

I felt relieved (I answered my doubts) but worried too because I never treated a Lyme patient. So I accepted God´s challenge. It was clear that a Lyme patient suffers a lot. He waits years to be diagnosed and many even know they contracted the disease. As they find nothing after all sorts of inappropriate tests, they end up being referred to a psychiatrist, blaming it all on the emotional sphere. These patients feel misunderstood by their couple, family, friends, and of course doctors. If the case is Chronic Lyme after years of suffering, treatments are expensive and aren’t 100% efficient. I wanted to become a physician to help the sick. I didn´t refuse the invitation.

Things were this way. That’s why I decided to start my education. The first step was to end a stage in the clinic from Augsburg. There I met Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, that was 15 years treating patients exclusively with Lyme. That was a day hospital where patients from all over the world attended to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment. I realized Lyme was problematic during the days spent. I spoke with patients, especially Spanish. One of them commented on the problem that I was supposed to solve. They had a waiting list of 2 years!!! It was impressive.

 Dr. Nicolaus, my tutor, mentor, taught me all he knew. He explained to me what was the Lyme situation in the world, and after those days there, I saw that it was easy to have Lyme that I spent my time with analytical tests due to my constant thoughts.

After 10 days, I received the results. The test was positive!!! I truly felt tired from time to time, but I could work. I could receive any treatment because of insufficient time. I left it.

I started working with the guidelines of today my friend Carsten Nicolaus, my “Lyme teacher”. He followed the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) guidelines. I became an ILADS member. In fact, for years, I was the only Spanish person enrolled in all congresses and the reference doctor of ILADS in Spain. I was the only Spanish associate. It seemed unbelievable that in Spain any person except Lyme patients had an interest in this disease. The number of patients attending our consultation kept on growing.

I started with a lot of enthusiasm, but I recognise that my first year treating Lyme patients was continuous torture. I used to have good results in the cases I was healing. Above all, patients with allergies, dermatitis problems, joint problems, autoimmune and rheumatic diseases, and many candidiasis. I had patients from all over Spain and from time to time from a nearby country. During this first year, I wasn’t feeling well. I was suffering from Lyme patients. The protocols I was taught improved poorly on the patient. However, it was frequent to change antibiotic triads due to side effects. Having nausea, tinnitus, stomach pain, audition problems, very high transaminases, or the kidneys start to fail. Although the results were better than other non-specialised treatments, I considered it a disaster.

“I started considering that I had to change my strategy and improve much more on how to heal Lyme”

The ILADS therapeutic guidelines were not working as I thought the patient suffered a bit less in most cases but still suffered. I considered changing the strategy and improving my Lyme much more than how I heal Lyme.

To all this, my responsibility was added by the enormous expense that patients assumed, especially by the antibiotic treatment. So I wasn’t feeling well. As responsible for a medical and professional center, I saw that the only way to continue with this dedication was with economic compensation by part of the patients.

The path. Invest and investigate to find solutions

I was in a dilemma: or I stopped curing Lyme patients and saw another way, or I was at 100% with all the consequences. The situation was consuming me while I tried to all as possible to fill the therapy and diagnosis emptiness. I finally made a decision that would mark my family and my life. I could not see another way of caring about the patients.

These concerns were compounded by critical voices of colleagues that we´re ignorant of Lyme and confusing Lyme with acute and chronic. They told the patients there where they were being cheated and robbed of their money. Among the arguments, Chronic Lyme didn’t exist, that cellular immune tests were not valid. The situation was embarrassing because this confirmed what specialists did not receive education about Lyme. I never found them in a Lyme congress in any European country in the United States. The majority of them haven’t said anything again, facing criticism cured patients. Their ego prevented them from calling me to be interested in how I did it. I can assure you that I would have to show them with pleasure. Up to them, I’m sorry for his patients.

My decision was final. Of course that I would follow the challenge that my career demonstrated. I started preparing for it. On one side, I attended Lyme training and congresses all over the world and read all medical literature thereon. I also visited different European and American clinics specialised in Lyme. Respecting treatment, I desired to apply my knowledge of 25 years with ozone, acupuncture, homeopathy, mesotherapy, natural therapy, phytotherapy, functional medicine, oligotherapy, or serum therapy. I designed an action protocol and personalised all treatments. Tests improved and started healing patients. My life changed despite a great personal and familiar effort. Each time I discharge everything compensated me.

“How can you eliminate the antibiotic side effects? There was the key for patient improvement”

My mind was constantly on something. I had to find a way to use antibiotics in a way maintaining or potentiating their antibacterial impacts eliminating side effects to make the treatment more effective. Every day the same thing. How could I? After many doubts, I decided to study pharmacy compatibilizing work with a university outside Zaragoza. I did it with convalidations and a huge sacrifice. I finished Pharmacy in 2 years. My son Alex was a veterinarian too.

However, I needed tools to improve my results much more. I noticed that I needed another clinical structure and much more space. I needed a day hospital.

I went home and said: “We need to construct a day hospital. Let’s waste money. We might have gotten into debt, but I can’t attend to the patients with all the possible options. I need to administer them serums with antibiotics, hyperthermia. I´ve got a wonderful family. Everyone supported me, my wife, overall. Ana, the woman I have to thank for all her help when I was in difficult times.

Soon after God helped me. They were selling several offices to Biosalud and we could expand all our facilities up to 1,200 meters in total.

We design the facilities according to what we need. We recognised everything was expensive. God helped me again. As always happens, the constructions were delayed so much that in the end. We scheduled everything to not close on vacations from Summer 2016. We continue working and every time on an operational surface. Patients multiplied. We could handle the familiar investment. Finally, in October 2016, 2 interminable work years ended with all that entails.

The impulse. Opportunities, encounters, and Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia memory

We had the chance to acquire several offices with Biosalud. Two years later, the 29 October 2016, we inaugurated our wanted day hospital, inside the activity program of the first Integrative Medicine Conference of AESMI (Spanish Association of Integrative Doctors). The first-day hospital of integrative medicine was officially born. Currently, it’s still the only one specialised in the diagnosis and Chronic Lyme treatment.

In Biosalud day hospital we use all the techniques that showed efficiency with a scientifically based Chronic Lyme treatment. The status we have reinforced with the addition of Dr. Nicolaus as a consultant. The BCA clinic (Borreliosis Centrum Augsburg) closed. The Dr. will dedicate it to investigate in the BCA Lab, the most specialised laboratory in Europe diagnosing diseases transmitted by arthropods, attending other pathologies. A few days ago, in April 2020 Dr. Nicolaus, took advantage of the COVID 19 crisis, which extended all over the world. Tired of the tremendous stress that doctors suffer from healing patients with Lyme, decided to close the BCA (Borreliosis Centrum Augsburg), his day hospital to investigate and maintain the BCA Lab. That’s why today, 23 June 2020 we count on the best consultant.

Currently, Biosalud Day Hospital is the most specialized clinic center in Europe. One of the most important worldwide in the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Lyme. Our cured patient´s results are 20% superior to all the published statistics in all the world.

My history with Lyme disease has been charged with encounters that have allowed me to advance firmly. In summer 2017, I clashed during my holidays with a pharmacist friend I worked with for years. He is one of few professionals that I know capable of solving our frequent challenges with Lyme treatment and other chronic pathologies. I said to him while drinking a beer: “I have been wondering for years. I found the joke of being able to offer the ultimate in Chronic Lyme disease. I need you to prepare something that no one has ever done before: liposomal antibiotics in a sterile solution for administration in intravenous fluids, and also in oral solution”. He answered me: “Count with it. Let me do a few tests during the summer. I will have it in September”. We questioned some technical details about how I was going to use the antibiotics I needed, how to combine them, the concentration I wanted, the doses, etc. The morning passed without us realising it, but both with an indescribable illusion. When we ended a few hours later, we said goodbye with a huge smile. He was the only pharmacist in the world I knew capable of accepting the challenge and overcoming it. When I explained it to my wife, tears came to my eyes. I solved my big problem. Combining all the techniques I was acquiring was satisfying me. The antibiotic treatment is free from side effects (although this was in theory, we would see in practice if I had not made a mistake.)

My friend Fernando did it again!. In the middle of September, I had on my desk vials ready to dilute in physiological serum vials and several bottles of some of the liposomal antibiotics I had told him.

“With the patient´s improvement, something made me thought we were going to make history, but I supposed that this was the first step in an amazing way”

Since that moment, I started combining my protocols including different biological medicine techniques with therapeutic guides from the ILADS in Chronic Lyme.

When I started administering the personal protocols to each patient, something made me think that we were making history. It happened. Following our custom and the ILADS recommendations in 2 months, we did our first analytical control. In most cases, we saw how patients improved, ones more than others, and many symptomatically. No side effects. Transaminases and the renal function were perfect. Anybody had nausea, headaches, diarrhea, anything. Neither do Lyme children with autism. It was amazing. It is indeed the first step in a great path that was starting to work and followed God´s and my father´s help. The already deceased marked me. Lyme´s history will change.

This enormous happiness of having achieved part of what I was looking for helped me continue fighting with the best enthusiasm. I started thinking about why the analytics improved so quickly so soon in a long-distance disease. I always comment to my patients that the treatment is about 6 months minimum and can last for years, including never being cured.

I started to think about why such a rapid improvement, being the same ILADS Therapeutic Guidelines antibiotics. After a lot of thinking, I finally found explanations to my questions: not only are the antibiotics liposomed, they are absorbed 10 times more, which allows using 10% of the conventional dose, and thus have no side effects. I found two more advantages that change the Lyme history. Liposomal antibiotics cross the blood-brain barrier. Not achieved by antibiotics in the usual pharmaceutical form. It causes Borrelia. Overcrowded in the brain you can die from the treatment as well.

But we also have another exceptional advantage, the liposome antibiotics. All of them penetrate inside the cells, where the Borrelia is. The cause of so many relapses in patients who have already been discharged from the hospital.

Well, as of today, 23 June 2020, after 2.5 years of applying liposomal antibiotics in chronic Lyme, I have had no relapses in our patients. Let’s hope we continue to maintain this statistic.

Moreover, we have been recognised by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Universities as an INNOVATIVE COMPANY due to our innovative character and advances in diagnosis and therapy. We will continue. Lyme has become our mission.

That is why we want to continue researching better, more effective diagnostic and treatment systems that also shorten the duration of the disease, allowing the patient to recover in much less time.

At the beginning of 2020, I started my Lyme disease treatment with a protocol similar to my patients. I can confirm everything said so far. No side effects. What is more, I haven´t stopped working administering liposomed antibiotic serums, then two months with oral, and many necessary complements according to my analytics. Results have been surprising. I don’t have symptoms, although I haven’t been discharged yet.

“I want that the Foundation serves to obtain economic support that allows us to afront the investigation projects”

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia creation is because I recognise my first medicine teacher, mentor, a good father, and a professional. A constant innovator and great seeker of truth. I wanted to use it to seek more financial support for our research projects that will allow us to make cheaper, shorter, and more reliable treatments. Finally, disseminate this disease and demand its total recognition for patients suffering it. To train doctors from all over the world that can heal and cure patients with Lyme that aren’t diagnosed or possess wrong or incomplete diagnoses.

There is one last reason, I want the Foundation to be also a recognition to my patients and all Lyme patients in the world, diagnosed or not. I want it to be a light of hope, and a breath of fresh air that helps to deal with this aggressive and destructive disease, while we change history. Lyme patients should not feel alone, neither should their families. The Foundation will be working for each one of us to help us to get out of this situation and enjoy full health and that finally our passage through. The disease only remains as a means to reach that new situation of Happiness, Health, and Love for others.