Do you have doubts? We hear you.

Dr. Ángel bueno Gracia SOS Lyme Foundation

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia – SOS Lyme Foundation wants to support people sick of Lyme in the present and hope for the future.

We are conscious of the severe consequences that Lyme has for our health. We also know the influence of human aspects in these people’s lives: the absence of professionals capable of seeing the disease, the lack of empathy to face the suffering, the little or no investigation resources, or the interminable debates about the diagnosis or the treatment that leave beside the presence of sick people.

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia Foundation brings together doctors and investigators with patients and organisations towards health. Following the professional ethics and humanity that defined the life of Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia, our objective is to advance in investigation and the attention to the people´s needs that suffer from this disease.

From SOS Lyme Foundation we want to open an information and meeting point among people that want to know more about Lyme disease. Either because this pathology can affect them directly or because they want to prevent their consequences.

The emptiness that exists in the disease’s meaning, especially in the latest phases, directly affects thousands of people which relates to how their life suffers a severe deterioration. On many occasions, the patient who advances to Lyme disease self-taught. “Pulling on the threat” of other published testimonies on the internet is how many patients identify with the symptoms and search contrasting it with few specialists that face this disease in the world.

While there isn’t a consensus between the sanitary systems, this disease will evolve in a route that we have seen many times. The first symptoms without a diagnosis, the latent disease that reveals the first symptoms after months or years; physical or neurological symptoms that few specialists can identify, or ineffective treatments.

The good news is that they are compromised professionals that, apart from advancing in their work with patients with Lyme, support the SOS Lyme Foundation to reach all people that need help at any time of their lives.