We welcome you!

We welcome you

We launch the Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia – SOS Lyme Foundation blog in a special month.

May is Lyme disease awareness month and, although this commitment to prevention and awareness-raising has so far only been taken up in the United States, we at this foundation want to take up this spirit and disseminate information and experiences about this disease.

Lyme should be revealed, studies, and prevented, mostly treated at a time. This is the most important because it directly affects patients and their families. To achieve this, trained specialists are needed. We also need a society that is aware of how important prevention is.

In this blog, you will find practical information about Lyme, testimonies of patients that have ended the disease or are being treated, and the investigation actuality in this pathology. At the Foundation we are aware of the importance of quality information, far from false polemics and that conveys the reality of a pathology that affects more and more people throughout Europe.

We hope that this new information channel will be useful, we welcome you!


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