“Town doctors should know about the Lyme disease”

Town doctors should know about the Lyme disease

Recognise Lyme disease symptoms

The Greta case is a fast diagnosis case with mild symptoms. Although in the Pyrenees tick bites have been always considered normal. So after your experience, ask that town doctors the ones to be specialists in this matter.

They diagnosed you with Lyme at the beginning of 2020. What happened to you?

I spent years with symptoms thinking they were normal, but I noticed they were not. Sometimes I had joint pain. Light reflexes bothered me too. At night or I was extremely tired when I did some effort, I thought these were things that happened to everybody. In 2020, after Christmas, I was feeling terrible and I couldn’t get up. I was always tired. As this occurred when the beginning of covid-19, I thought it could be that, but it never ended. Talking to my father, I concluded that it could be an immunology system issue. We went immediately to a specialist. There they diagnosed me with Lyme.

About those symptoms you are talking about. Didn’t you attend a doctor?

No. I only attended once because I had frequent pain in my belly. In the first consultation, they told me it was due to nerves and the second that if they couldn’t find anything strange in my feces, they weren’t going to give me more tests. I understood what the doctor told me because that pain wasn´t constant, but now I know why.

Don´t you remember any moment being the origin of the disease?

I live next to the mountain in the Pyrenees. I have been bitten by many ticks. When I was little with my friends we went to the mount. We made booths and always finished with some ticks. I never felt sick.

Now, do you think you have exceeded the illness?

I feel fine since a long time ago. I haven’t suffered any symptoms. I think I almost finished the treatment. I started feeling well soon, in the three first months taking the food supplements. 

What kind of life do you have?

Among the covid-19 possibilities, I make a normal life. I took precautions with Lyme. I had more risk, but I didn’t stop getting out of the house to eat somewhere else. However, there are issues in my life that have changed like food. Before I ate what I wanted to eat.

Did you know before about Lyme?

No. I think initiatives must exist because Lyme is unknown. Above all, town doctors have to realise it exists. We consider it normal that dogs have ticks and many people tell me that they do receive treatments for the infections. Animals have the same risk as people. The dog also can transfer it to you at home. If a tick bites you, attend a specialist because a general doctor will not do the corresponding tests.


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