Lyme disease documentaries

Lyme disease documentaries

In the last years, audiovisual proposals have been important to make Lyme disease visible among the population.

“S. O. S. Lyme, an invisible epidemic”

“S. O. S. Lyme, an invisible epidemic” is a documentary that addresses the gravest aspects of Lyme, like paralysis, spasms, blindness, and pain. It also shows the comfort loss or the wrong diagnosis consequences. It is demonstrated through the testimony of ten Lyme patients and experts from Holland, and international physicians like Dr. Richard Horowitz, Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Klinghardt, and Dr. Armin Schwarzbach.

The documentary manifests the situation of lack of acknowledgment inside the health sector. Patients and experts share their opinions with the purpose to throw some light on Lyme problems.

The documentary, directed by Pim Giel, is framed inside the “SOS Lyme Epidemic” campaign that embraces certain actions done by thousands of Lyme patients coming from the Netherlands and Belgium. This action is pretended to introduce in the public agenda the Lyme problem and offer a space to sick people. In the words of one of those patients Daisy, who appears in the documentary: “This is a documentary about injustice, struggle, and interests in conflict. We want to show how it is to live with an uncomprehended and terrible disease”.

The documentary is freely available through the following link:

Under our skin – Bajo nuestra piel

Under our skin – Bajo nuestra piel

In this documentary, the director Andy Abrahams Wilson talks to us about the origin of the still unknown Lyme. This pathology was detected at first in the 70s in a small town in Connecticut. Now considered a worldwide epidemic. This film exposes different aspects, not only of disease, but also of what surrounds the research and treatment, its controversies. The director puts forward the thesis face Lyme, human beings are capable of putting economic profit before the health of patients.

In the second part of the documentary, we learn about the extent of Lyme disease in the world, as well as the conflicts of interest that exist to curing this pathology.

On the positive side of the documentary, we also meet the protagonists, who are progressing favorably on their way to regaining their wellbeing and being cured of Lyme disease. This vision offers a path of hope for people with Lyme disease.

This documentary has already been seen by thousands of people and counts on with several experts that give testimony of their experience with the patients. Among them, Dr. Mariano Bueno, a Spanish specialist in Lyme disease who works in his clinic Biosalud Day Hospital.

This documentary in two sections can be seen here:

My Mind on Lyme – Mi mente puesta en el Lyme

Can you use experiences of a disease to improve at work? Can a sick person leave their mark? The answer to these questions can be found in the TED Talk given by Katie Kreitze. This entrepreneur, graphic designer, musician, writer, defender, activist, and sick with Lyme explains in “My Mind on Lyme” how the disease can open a door to the world.

For Katie Kreitze it is crucial to “leave a mark” in the world. To reach it, she uses her experiences as disabled and chronic sick to help other people to use what she calls “empathetic design thinking”.

No more Lyme

The North Spain regions present a bigger incidence of Lyme cases. The humidity and bigger forests allow a high tick proliferation. In Asturias, ticks are an endemic species. Lyme is worrying, affecting hundreds of people.It provoked opening investigations. Asturias television dedicated a report with technical and scientific information of Lyme patients’ experiences.

Ticks live for a few years. If they contain pathogens during all that time they can transfer Lyme. This worries authorities. In this documentary, we can observe what precaution measures we should take when we are walking in the countryside

A complete report in:

The Professor Lymevsky Adventures

An animated short film that pretends to serve as a first approximation to Lyme. The social ignorance about the illness is huge. It is vital to change this reality because with Lyme, as it happens with other diseases, information is fundamental to prevent.

Positively and friendly, “The Professor Lymevsky Adventures” reveals Lyme between the little ones and families. This animated short film highlights the role of experts, a collaboration between professionals, and trust in the therapeutic relationship. And above all, it reminds us that a tick bite is not innocent, but if we remove it in time, our health is not put at risk.


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